The 20th Century Fox will release "Fantastic Four" in the US on Friday, 7 August, amid collective misgiving and distrust; which it turns out wasn't misplaced at all.

The reboot of the 2005 film of the same name, repeats the original story of Marvel's first superhero team and has not done a great job at it.

Since the movie will hit the Indian theatres only on 21 August, we have done a review round-up, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not to watch "Fantastic Four".


  • Miles Teller as Mr Fantastic aka Reed Richards
  • Kate Mara as Invisible Woman aka Sue Storm
  • Michael B Jordan as Human Torch aka Johnny Storm
  • Jamie Bell as Thing aka Ben Grimm
  • Tony Kebbell as Doctor Doom aka Victor von Doom

Plot: The 2015 reboot of the "Fantastic Four" franchise shows the same old origin story of the superhero team; how four young scientists get supernatural powers. A mission at "Planet Zero" goes wrong, and Victor, Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny are altered by an explosion on a molecular level. The heroes try to suppress their powers and live normally, but their destiny call out to them, and they use their powers to fight their wayward colleague Victor, who has now become Dr Doom.

A common complaint seen in all the reviews is that there is nothing really happening in the film; in that, it employs very uneventful and unsurprising storyline that has already been done too many times. Another popular complaint is that despite the huge budget, the CGI effects aren't remotely as good as it should be.

Reviewers feel that film-makers are more focused on building the ground-work for another upcoming movie than creating a good movie within itself, and that is very evident in "Fantastic Four". 

Forbes: "'Fantastic Four' Is A Tragic Chore"

The film is too busy moving its chess pieces into place for a would-be franchise to give the heroes much time to bond and establish their would-be family relationships, and just like last year's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a climactic declaration of family togetherness rings false because there has been little onscreen evidence of such.

Comic Book Resources: "Fantastic Four" is Super Only in its Mediocrity

The script is filled with these tendrils of ideas, left dangling and unable to come together in any semblance of making sense.... Ultimately, "Fantastic Four" is a profound mess. It's not fun. It's not exciting. It's far from action-packed. And it's most certainly not fantastic.

The Guardian: A Dawdling Indie Drama Dressed up in Superhero Garb

The cast are some of the most promising actors of their generation, but what chemistry there is between them is swept away by wave after wave of expository dialogue and ludicrous exclamation ("His biochemistry is off the charts!")... Doom, an iconic Marvel supervillain, loses his metal mask for something that looks like an Easter Island head wrapped in cling film. He looks silly, not scary.

Here is a review of "Fantastic Four" by popular YouTuber Chris Stuckmann