The first trailer of the upcoming 2016 fantasy movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is out and it seems that Rowling's wizarding world that gave us the Harry Potter's stories is back with a blast, but this time, in America.

The trailer consists of some of the most nostalgic elements from Harry Potter's movies, including the spells, the wizards and their lifestyle.

While all the Harry Potter's stories were based in Britain, "Fantastic Beasts" has an American premise where the film's protagonist, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) travels to the United States of America to attend a meeting.

Newt is an employee at the British Ministry of Magic and travels to the US to meet an important official. However, all hell breaksloose when his magically expanded suitcase, that contains a number of magical dangerous creatures and their habitats, bursts open and the creatures escape into the outer world.

The unfortunate event sends the American wizarding authorities after Newt and he must find a way to rectify the blunder.

However, the trouble has just started. The escaped creatures wreck havoc on the "No-Maj" community (American word for Muggles; people with no magical powers).

Now, it is upon Newt to save himself as well as try his best to bridge the relationship between the wizarding and non-wizarding communities while recapturing all the escaped creatures. 

The trailer has some remarkable moments that would definitely touch the emotional side of every Potter fan.

It starts with Newt saying the lighting spell "Lumos Maxima" after which a bright light engulfs the logo of Warner Bros. while the trailer begins.

Afterwards, an ancient-looking council is seen where some sort of trial is going on. By the look of it, the council might be the American version of the Ministry of Magic.

A lady, who seemingly holds an authoritative position, tells the council about a wizard with a case of magical figures who have escaped.

The trailer then follows the errands of Newt in bits and pieces as he tries to dodge the authorities and bring the creatures back into his case.

The first look is indeed interesting and, hopefully, the movie will be equally intriguing too.

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is all set to hit the theatres worldwide on 18 November, 2016.