Ananya Panday
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On the occasion of Social Media Day, 'Next Gen Star' Ananya Panday took the first step to initiate a fight against social media bullying as she took up a digital social responsibility initiative "So Positive" which affects the teenagers in the world of the digital age.

Soon enough, the fans started trending 'So Positive' keywords and #AnanyaPanday all over social media, pouring in their love and appreciation for the 'Best Student'.

Early in the morning, Ananya wished everyone "World Social Media Day" and said something interesting was coming up and the fans got super excited, intrigued upon if a film will be announced or a brand and started flooding the social media guessing!

Later, Ananya announced the initiative "So Positive" as she took to her social media handle with a video. As soon as the actress announced, wishes and appreciation started pouring in for Ananya for taking up the cause. All of us have at some point or the other were a victim of bullying on social media but no one took a step to combat the hatred. The trends are proof that Ananya's initiative has struck the right chord amongst the audience with the social media going gaga over the relevant cause!

With 'So Positive', Ananya aims at spreading awareness that social media bullying exists and it's high time now that we speak against it and put it to rest.

Owing to the appreciation, India saw a strong trend with fans pouring in love and appreciating for the actress with keyword trending #AnanyaPanday and So Positive trending.

With her new initiative launch, Ananya has been receiving immense appreciation for Student of the Year 2 and was the only student to pass with flying colours, hailed as the 'Best Student' all across. The actress is one of the most sought after names for brands where she is already the face- a brand ambassador for the most iconic brands of all times. From being a filmmaker's favourite to a sensation for the world, Ananya is the star who has emerged as the favourite for all.

Entering Bollywood as the youngest star and creating a mark for herself with her promising debut along with a winning streak all across, Ananya has been vocal for the cause. Hence, Ananya's this announcement is surely a greater responsibility and proves her to be the real 'Next-gen Star'.

Ananya's initiative is surely the first step in the right direction to fight away what every teenager on social media deals with. With fans' love and appreciation over the trends, the initiative is being hailed as the biggest step towards the issue!