The young Korean heartthrob and EXO member Sehun recently shared a photo of the boy band's group outing with his followers on Instagram.

The image is captioned: It's been a long time since everyone gathered together for a meal and it features all the nine-member group enjoying their dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

The Group photo immediately captured the attention of the admirers of the popular South Korea-Chinese boy band. As of now, the picture garnered around a million likes and more than 50,000 comments.

The followers of the boy band expressed their happiness in watching their favourite celebrities together on the comment section. The messages ranged from, "happy to see you all together...," "I always love these type of pictures! Like a family photo" to "My exo babies...take care & GOD bless all of you...much love from me here from Malaysia..." 

A few of the social media users commented about the young singer's good looks. While an admirer of the music group wrote, "Chanyeol oppa always wearing the cap," another person commented, "All of you guys are so handsome :)"

Meanwhile, a follower of the boy band monikered as Sherry even wrote an advice to the boy band members, which read: "because life is short,so be sure to try to forgive when possible,still hoped for a reunion day is not far,waiting for a miracle in December."

However, some of the EXO fans were very skeptical about the band members relationship with each other. Check out some of those messages below:


Why Baekhyun is so far away from Chanyeol? I don't get it :(


Why is Oppa Xiumin alone in his seat?


I miss this OT9 but I saw something....why did exo members leave the three Chair?