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Fans have immense love for their favourite stars and they display this in abundance during the release of films. While this is the pleasant side of the actor-fan relationship, the other is horrifying. Many instances have been reported in the past when fans lost their lives while celebrating their favourite actor's movies. 

On Thursday, a 16-year-old fan of Prabhas died due to electrocution while trying to fix a Saaho banner. The film hit screens on Friday. The incident took place at a theatre in Mahabunagar, Telangana. The boy was a daily wage labourer.

This is not the first time when a fan has died while decorating the theatres. Many such incidents have also been reported earlier.

Last year, Rayappa, a fan of Kichha Sudeep, lost his life due to electric shock during the promotional procession of Ranna. Sudeep had taken to Twitter to mourn the death of his fan.


Many of the deaths during the promotional processions are reported due to electric shocks, as the fans, without taking any proper care or giving it a second thought, climb electric poles, buildings and trees to take part in activities which are a threat to their lives.

In 2016, a group of Jr NTR and Pawan Kalyan fans had a heated argument over which actor was better. The argument, which later became a fight, led to the death of one of the Pawan Kalyan fans, who was stabbed by a Jr NTR fan. Pawan Kalyan later visited the house of the fan and mourned his death. Jr NTR did not talk about it at all.

Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan
Jana Sena Party chief Pawan KalyanTwitter

These are the latest incidents. But earlier, in different situations, many fans have sacrificed their lives for their stars. It is necessary for the fans to think twice before they do such risky things because in the end, they will lose their lives and their families have to suffer the loss.

It is very rare that the actors announce compensation to the families of their fans who lose lives because of such incidents. But even if they do, nobody knows whether the compensation actually reaches the family.

After a day or two, these accidents are forgotten and again, when another big film releases, the same story repeats.

It is also very rare that actors take time out of their busy schedules and take to social media to request their fans to not to do any risky promotional processions.

At least as a part of promotions or two days before the film releases, the whole team should make such announcements. Theatre managements should also take necessary precautions to make sure that nobody's life is in danger.

At least now, it is high time actors and film fraternity spoke about such accidents for the welfare of the fans, who risk their lives for the film.