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Shah Rukh Khan's gripping portrayal of Gaurav Chandana in "Fan" has garnered positive reviews, but the box office collections aren't looking as bright as the film. The superstar says he took a chance with the Maneesh Sharma directorial, wanting to show people something they haven't seen before.

"It's (Fan) not a film that heartland audience will like it. But we took a chance thinking hopefully they (audience) will like it, but they need song and dance. I am not unrealistic," he told the Press Trust of India, adding that it's disappointing when a film doesn't score the numbers it's meant to.

However, he was quick to add that the makers are always aware of the film's target audience. "You just have to believe that this film is meant for these people and release it. Beyond that if these (unusual) films do more numbers than you thought of its really good," he further elaborated.

He believes that what should be celebrated is the fact that a filmmaker thought of making something as unusual as "Fan." "As a person it keeps me going as I feel I have done something different. It also enhances your way of making cinema. Then after six months you can make a commercial film," SRK pointed out.

"Swades" and "Chak De! India" are two films, which are remembered for SRK's performances, but haven't done the numbers. He told the news agency that when they were making these films, the teams knew that it wouldn't rake in much money, but went ahead and did it.

"Fan" has an "intriguing story," the 50-year-old actor said, but there are niggles the audience have been complaining about. He justified those flaws — the second half wasn't liked by many — saying if people discuss a film much after it opens in theatres, it means it has left an impact on them.

"Some of the fans said there should have been songs in the film, there should have been an apology once, why is Aryan Khanna so mean, you are not like that in real life, why Gaurav had this kind of end, Gaurav was not wrong," he added and justified it saying he and team "Fan" felt the young boy's story should be narrated this way.