Bruce Jenner
Bruce JennerInTouch Weekly/Facebook

Months after Bruce Jenner's sex change rumours started doing the rounds, a source close to the family has confirmed that the former Olympian is transitioning into a woman.

Changes in the 65-year-old former Olympian's physical appearances had left many media outlets wondering at the possibility of Jenner's transformation into a woman. The source close to the family confirmed to People that Jenner will soon be living life as a female.

"Bruce is transitioning to a woman," the source said. "He is finally happy and his family is accepting of what he's doing. He's in such a great space. That's why it's the perfect time to do something like this."

Jenner - who has often been spotted flaunting his long hair, manicured nails and a larger bustline - has been taking his transitioning slow so as to give his family time to adjust to his new look and new life, the source said.

Interest in Jenner's sex change was renewed after In Touch magazine came out with a cover on him that read "My Life as a Woman". The cover featured a doctored image of Jenner dressed as a woman.

As previously reported, his family - including his six children - 34-year-old Cassandra, 36-year-old Burt, 33-year-old Brandon, 31-year-old Brody, 19-year-old Kendall, and 17-year-old Kylie - are adjusting to his changes, as they want their father to be happy.

"The [kids'] concern seems to be Bruce's happiness, and he acts very pleased with his new life," said the insider. "It is an intense thing. Of course not everyone is 100 percent on board. Different people have different reactions. But everybody loves him."

Recently, Bruce's step-daughter Kim Kardashian hinted that Jenner will open up about his personal journey soon, and that he is happier than she has ever seen him. Media reports also hint that a docu-series is in the works documenting Jenner's transformation.

"He has come out to those closest to him," the family source said. "He's so happy and excited. He gets to lay down a huge bag of bricks. He's been through a dark period and is coming out on the other side."