"It seems today, that all you see is violence in movies, and sex on TV."

But thankfully we have Internet to inject a "healthy" dose of culture into us before things get out of hand. But when the Internet culture meets TV, the end result is usually good. Just see YouTube for that matter. And before you know it, we have a real life flesh and blood Peter Griffin of the notoriously good Family Guy among us.

As irritating as that guy might act sometimes in the show, it's still a treat if you suddenly come across him in a more human avatar than what you actually may have perceived. With that being said, let us point you toward the real life Griffin who walked into NYCC 2014.

Robert Franzese is just a regular guy like me and you, but for one striking difference. He's also Peter Griffin in flesh and blood. We come across cosplayers every now and then, but we hardly remember the last time we saw someone carrying out his or her dedicated cosplay role with such class and finesse. Although, Brian's the most classy one in that family.

Not only has the guy got the annoying voice, the confused confidence, the apt nerdy glasses, the green trousers and the equally irritating laugh, but Robert pulls it off so will that even passers-by ask him about Meg and Chris. Needless to say, he still doesn't care about Meg's existence.

We won't ruin the video for you down below, but it needs to be said that Robert shot to fame in his brilliant Peter mode while at the New York Comic Con. In fact, Robert is modest enough to admit that he's happy to be recognised as the Seth MacFarlane creation. And what better way to round it off by declaring that the bird was, is and always will be the word. After all, one in every 12 Americans are still unaware of it.

Oh, and he even boasts a Twitter account called "I am the real-life Peter Griffin." But there's also the innocent and touching side to it that can be best understood from the video.

Family Guy, to date, has been nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and 11 Annie Awards. The show has won three of each.

Check out Robert Franzese AKA "The Real Peter Griffin" below: