Peter Griffin in Family Guy
Peter Griffin in Family GuyFacebook / Family Guy

In the upcoming episode titled American Gigg-olo of Family Guy season 15, it seems that things won't be going much well for Peter's friend Quagmire as he will be forced to take a job of gigolo.

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According to the synopsis of the story, when the local airline pilots go on strike, Quagmire is forced to look for a new job and gets one as a gigolo. But when his clients refuse to pay him, Peter is forced to help him out. Meanwhile, Brian gets a job at a hardware store when Peter takes him off his health insurance.

In the previous episode titled Bookie of the Year, when Chris started showing signs of aggression, Peter and Lois ended up realising that he is a talented baseball pitcher.

Afterwards, Peter and his friends immediately started betting on the games, as they believed that Chris will fail. However, when everyone discovered Chris' talents, Peter was forced to ask Chris to throw the championship game, so that he can win the bets.

Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie reunited with Frank Sinatra, Jr. to start an Italian restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant ended up losing money when Frank started to give free meals to all the customers.

Quagmire is definitely not satisfied with his job as a gigolo and even though Peter is helping him as much as he can, his condition is not improving. Whether Quagmire will continue with the job or will look for other options, will be seen once Family Guy season 15 episode 3 airs.