Brian and Stewie in Family Guy
Brian and Stewie in Family GuyFacebook / Family Guy

In the upcoming episode of "Family Guy" titled "The Boys in the Band," things won't be well between Stewie and Brian, as coincidentally both of them develop a crush over the same girl that will lead them to an argument. 

This won't be the first time when both of them will have a fight, as in the previous episodes too there have been several differences between Stewie and Brian.

According to the synopsis of the episode, "Stewie and Brian form a band aimed at children, but face a breakup when they set their eyes on the same girl. Meanwhile, Chris gets a job as Quagmire's personal assistant for his sex life."

Though Stewie came up with the idea of the band, he had no intention to contribute for the welfare of the children. In fact, he only wanted to make big money through his gigs.

However, it seems that things are not going to be as he had expected. Initially, both Stewie and Brian get along really well, but due to a particular incident, things turn bad and now, they face each other as competitors than as friends.

Unfortunately, during one of their gigs, Stewie and Brian spot a girl in the crowd and immediately fall for her. For some time, none of them realise that it was the same girl with whom both were in love and only when Brian confesses to Stewie about it, they both realise.

Naturally, both of them want the other to withdraw, which leads to a clash between them and eventually, it ends the future of the band, much to the disappointment of their fans. Whether any of them will get to date the girl or not will be seen once the premiere episode of Season 15 airs on Sept. 25 on Fox.