Brian and Stewie in Family Guy
Brian and Stewie in Family GuyFacebook / Family Guy

In the upcoming season of Fox's animated series "Family Guy," the Griffin family is all set to have new adventures and the show-runners have assured that it is going to be full of hilarious and funny references.

Apart from the usual misadventures of Peter and his friends, Stewie, Brian, Meg and Chris will also have their fair share of escapades. However, though the theme of the next season will somewhat similar to the previous seasons, there will be several new and unexpected twists also.

One of the major plot elements in "Family Guy" Season 15 will be digital technology as one of the characters will be seen struggling with social media applications and trying to cope up with the digitally advanced society.

As usual, the series will follow the life of the dysfunctional Griffin family that includes father Peter, mother Lois, daughter Meg, son Chris, baby Stewie and their family dog, Brian. The family lives in their hometown of Quahog.

Like the previous seasons, several prominent celebrities will also be occurring in Season 15, including Kyle Chandler, Frank Sinatra Jr., Rob Gronkowski, David Tennant, Jacob Tremblay, Flea, Seaon Penn and Stephen Curry. It is not yet confirmed by the network that which characters the guest stars will be playing in the show.

In one of the episodes of Season 15, Peter will be seen becoming an Uber driver and quitting his previous job so that he can drive around the town and help the people. Though there is a significant possibility that his career will soon meet a tragic yet hilarious end and things will turn unexpectedly.

Besides it, one of the Peter's friend, Quagmire, will find about Tinder and he will get obsessed over it. Due to certain chain of events, Quagmire will soon find himself becoming a gigolo.

"Family Guy" Season 15 will air on Sept. 25 on Fox.