In the latest episode of "Family Guy" titled "Hot Pocket-Dial," it seems Quagmire proposes to Louis when he thought that she was alone and Peter was not nearby.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Quagmire admits that he is in love with Lois. Unfortunately, he proclaims his love while he has accidentally pocket-dialled Peter.

Peter is furious to find out that his best friend has done something so bad to him and, initially, is sad. However, Brian decides to take it upon himself to fix the situation.

It seems that Quagmire had been eyeing an opportunity to tell Lois what he always felt about her. But with Peter always close by, he never gathered enough courage to propose to her.

Lois is also shocked by the proposal as it was the least she expected from someone as naïve and decent as Quagmire. Unable to come out with a response, she leaves immediately without saying anything.

On the other hand, Peter suspects that Lois and Quagmire were having an affair behind his back and the thought makes him furious. He only calms down when Brian promises that he will find what the truth is at any cost.

Now, it is up to Brian to investigate the matter and come out with the truth. Though he hasn't found anything reliable, he is confident that something will pop up some time soon.

What is the mystery behind Quagmire's unexpected behaviour and whether Brian will find it out or not will be seen only in the next episode.

In the previous episode titled "Peter's Sister," Peter's sister Karen decided to come for Thanksgiving and bullied Peter the same way she treated Meg.

While Meg was at first amused, she later felt bad and decided to help Peter train to defeat his sister in a wrestling match.