It hasn't been that long since the previously revealed Fallout Shelter game for mobile was officially pushed out for iOS, and later for Android. However, it seems like the game is already boasting some pretty neat numbers that successfully reflect its overall popularity.

Recently, Bethesda put out a sort of infographic, charting the huge in-game achievements that players have set during the game's debut month. Please note that it doesn't involve the numbers that were charted out for the game's Android version.

According to the infographic, the cumulative data compiled since Fallout Shelter's initial launch has shown that players have logged in more than one billion play sessions. Apart from that, over 85.3 million Vaults have been created, while characters have given birth to almost 82 million babies!

And even if the aforementioned numbers definitely look overwhelming, perhaps the most striking figures speak of the statistics of fans who have spent more than 29 million hours as virtual Overseers.

Aside that, there are a few other calculations in the infographic that are disaster-related. Those include unfortunate Raider attacks, which add up to almost 42 million, 119.5 million blazed sparks, and nearly 21 million Dwellers dying while exploring the Wasteland.

As we mentioned earlier, the Android particulars have been left out of the calculation. Just think about the total numbers if the Android data is also counted.

Fallout Shelter is available for Android and iOS devices.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Gamerant, Bethesda]