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Fallout Shelter has released for Android version too.Twitter

Bethesda announced the availability of its free-to-play mobile video game, Fallout Shelter for Android users. Previously, the game was available only for iOS users.

In Fallout Shelter, the players will get to oversee the management of Vault and look after its dwellers, maintain their happiness and thwart attacks from bandits.

The players will have to gather resources and knowledge that will help them to create and expand their vaults. The dwellers in the vault have to be kept happy and each dweller will have its own special stat, similar to that of Fallout.

Below are some of the Stats that dwellers will have in the game:

  • Strength (S) – Power specialist. Better to place them in power plant.
  • Perception (P) - Production specialist. Better to place them in water treatment plants.
  • Endurance (E) – Exploring specialist. Better to place them in exploration or Nuka Cola production.
  • Charisma (C) – Breeding specialist. Better to place them in radio station.
  • Intelligence (I) – Research specialist. Better to place them in medical bay or science laboratory.
  • Agility (A) – Light on feet. Better to place them in diner.
  • Luck (L) - High luck and makes them blessed. Delivery of items in the wasteland.

The above stats are called dweller's SPECIAL. Players must check on dwellers from time to time. The players must know that the dwellers will be attacked by raiders.

Radiation can affect the dweller and might damage the production. This will mean they must keep the water production steady so as to avoid any radiation leaks. The players can also level up the dwellers when there is radiation seepage in order to heal.

The players must always keep dwellers happy. They must see that enough power is produced for all the rooms to run. And, food and water are equally important. When building rooms they must have a good layout like having the same type of rooms next to each other makes sense as it will be combining the two into one, allowing larger number of workers. The players can upgrade by spending caps when they are happy with the layout.

The approval ratings will rise depending on the dwellers' happiness. In case the happiness slips, the dwellers can be allowed to socialise in recreational areas.

The players must also do the three quests that will fetch them rewards.

How to Increase Population?

Here is the guide to increase the population of dwellers in Fallout Shelter.

The population of dwellers can be increased by having more baby dwellers. This is possible by players acting as the matchmakers. In order to achieve this, the players can put members of the opposite sex in the living quarters and keep them there till they indulge in sex. Do not pair relatives.

Let only a few dwellers to be pregnant lest you want to have a baby boom and remember every baby born will drain resources of the vault.

A dweller will need extra space when she has a baby. In the event of radiation, she must be moved to the other room. The new baby will take the average stat of both its parents as its own.

One way to make more dwellers is to build a radio station that will send out a call for other dwellers out there. And if lucky, the players might get a new character at the vault.

Also, the lunchboxes do have dwellers sometimes but it might come out blank too and moreover the players will have to pay for it.

How to Make Use of Rooms Properly?

Here is the guide on making use of rooms in Fallout Shelter.

The players will be able to try out nearly 19 different rooms in the game. It has to be known that three similar rooms can be merged and it can also be upgraded thrice.

The Vault Door: Here, players must place dwellers with higher strength to defend against raiders. It can be upgraded thrice and the players cannot use this for production. It is able to hold only two people.

The Living Quarter: It is a breeding room. Dweller with higher Charisma (C) is able to breed faster.

Production Rooms:

  • Power Generator and Nuclear Reactor – main stat is Strength(S).
  • Diner and Garden - main stat is Strength(S).
  • Water Treatment and water Purification - main stat is Perception(P).
  • Nuka-Cola Bottler - main stat is Endurance(E).
  • Medbay - main stat is Intelligence(I). Produces Stimpaks.
  • Science Lab - main stat is Intelligence(I). Produces Rad-X.
  • Radio Studio - main stat is Charisma. Attracts new dwellers.

Overview of the Production Room stat:

  • Strength: Power Generator, Nuclear Generator.
  • Perception: Water Treatment, Water Purification.
  • Endurance: Storage Room, Nuka-Cola Bottler.
  • Charisma: Living Quarters, Radio Studio.
  • Intelligence: Medbay, Science Lab.
  • Agility: Diner, Garden.
  • Luck: Increases chance of getting caps when collecting the produced item in each room.

Training Rooms: This room is used for training as the name indicates this will speed up their training. Upgrading the rooms will be helpful in speeding up the training.

Below is the overview of training room:

  • Strength: Weight Room
  • Perception: Armory
  • Endurance: Fitness Room
  • Charisma: Lounge
  • Intelligence: Classroom
  • Agility: Athletics Room
  • Luck: Game Room

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