Fallout 4
Fallout Shelter is a new free game.Twitter

During June's E3 2015, Bethesda revealed at its first press conference that it will be rolling out Fallout Shelter for mobile devices. This game was supposed to be the gap game that the company was offering until the arrival of Fallout 4.

The release of the game was greeted with instant popularity as Fallout fans, hungry for the news of Fallout 4, went on to download the game and play it.

Fallout Shelter allows players to be the overseer of the Vault. They will have to assign jobs and manage the upkeep of its inhabitants. They will also be needed to push out the raiders when they attack the settlements.

Bethesda announced that the new update, which is the first one, will be adding some new features like a photo feature and issues in the Vault air filters have been sorted. It introduces some general tweaks.

Below are the features of update 1 of Fallout Shelter (Bethlog):

  • Overseers are encouraged to record any bizarre dweller behavior with the new photo feature. Sharing with those outside your Vault is optional and will not result in your replacement or termination.
  • Vault air filters have been causing some mothers to not deliver babies and we understand this is causing long term discomfort. We have solved this (not the discomfort, the baby coming out part).
  • We've also done general maintenance to improve sudden Vault shut down and removed some other pesky issues with the capacitors inside various aspects of the simulation.

Though Fallout Shelter is currently available only on Apple devices, Bethesda has promised it will be coming out on Android devices too very soon.

Meanwhile, Bethesda has also said that it will be showing Fallout 4, Doom and The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited's next part in the upcoming QuakeCon 2015. This event will be held between 23 and 25 July, 2015.