Fallout 4
Fallout Shelter is a new free game, that is now available at Android too.Twitter

Following the success and popularity of Fallout Shelter, the free mobile game on iOS platforms, Fallout 4 maker Bethesda assured its Android users that they would also get the game soon. And, finally it is out available on Google Play Store.

The game was announced soon after the unravelling of Fallout 4 at E3 201. Fallout Shelter was meant to be a stopgap arrangement between the announcement of Fallout 4 and its eventual release.

This free-to-play game will allow players to be the overseer of the Vault-Tec vaults, the underground shelter, where players manage the lives of the in-game dwellers. They will also have to maintain the vaults. Players can also expand their vault and defend the place from attacking bandits.

Pete Hines, the vice president of marketing at Bethesda had earlier asked fans to be patient about its release on Android.

Fallout Shelter on iOS platforms made $5 million in revenue for Bethesda in the first two weeks of its release.

Download Fallout Shelter for Android here.

Update 1.1 Goes Live on iOS, Patch Notes Detailed

Bethesda went on to release a new update, 1.1, which is also known as Deathclaw update for Fallout Shelter on iOS platforms. The update is now live for many players. Players will now get Mr. Handy as a premium reward.

Below are the patch notes of the new update 1.1 (Bethlog):

  • Overseers should be on the lookout for new threats to their Vault Dwellers. Some Vaults have reported attacks by burrowing Mole Rats and enraged Deathclaws – likely attracted by the sound of new construction.
  • Vault-Tec has partnered with General Atomics International in order to offer Overseers their very own robot butler – the Mister Handy! Now you lazier Overseers have a friendly, entertaining alternative to tapping and collecting resources. (Crumpets not included.)
  • Our engineers clearly underestimated the, *ahem*, usefulness of living quarters to stimulate Vault growth, resulting is gross overpopulation and decreased Vault efficiency. Rest assured, the simulation has been adjusted, and Vaults of all shapes and sizes should now run more smoothly.
  • Not content with stealing your Vault's resources, some rather enterprising Raiders have now resorted to stealing Caps as well. (If you haven't armed your Vault Dwellers yet, now's the time!)
  • As Vault-Tec does not approve of the use of unsanctioned levitation technology, all Vault Dwellers that were found floating through the air have been grounded. Permanently.
  • Some of the more difficult daily objective requirements have been adjusted to more obtainable levels. You're welcome.
  • Continued general maintenance to the Vault simulation. Because an efficient machine is a happy machine!