We are definitely pumped up for Fallout 4 from Bethesda, but before the original game, it's better to get your heart racing with the not-so-long-ago released Fallout Anthology. Sure, the Fallout: New Vegas game in the Anthology arrived some five years ago, but the franchise has received a new lease of life, thanks to the anthology.

For those who aren't really familiar with this specific game, this is a great opportunity to associate with Fallout: New Vegas. Like each of the Fallouts before, this one also gives players the opportunity to hunt for collectibles, and for this game, specifically Mr. House's Snow Globes.

There are as many as seven Snow Globes that you can pick up, and here's a detailed guide on how to locate and get each of them.

Fallout Anthology: New Vegas Snow Globes Locations

Mt. Charleston – Zone 1.10 – Go to Jacobstown and head inside the lodge, specifically the lobby. Look for a large curved desk by the terminals.

Mormon Fort – Zone 2C.01 – Head to Old Mormon Fort and go to the tower where Julie Farkas' office is located. Check the wooden bookcase.

Test Site – Zone 2D.02 – Play at Lucky 38 Casino. Walk into the Cocktail Lounge and check behind the cash register that's located opposite of the entrance.

The Strip – Zone 2D.06 – Head over to Vault 21 and get into Sarah's locked bedroom. You should see a snow globe on a tiny circular table between two beds.

Nellis AFB – Zone 3.01 – Go to Nellis Air Force Base, then to Pete's museum. Go in there and look at the table in the corner, located beneath the mural.

Hoover Dam – Zone 3.33 – Go on a sightseeing tour of Hoover Dam and walk into the Visitor Center and head over to the terminal. The snow globe is on a large curved desk.

Goodsprings – Zone 4.06 – Move through Goodsprings Cemetery. Go towards the Water Tower and look for a small rectangular-shaped headstone. The snow globe should be at the foot of the stone.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]