Leaked documents suggest Fallout 4 is in development. (fallout.com)

Fallout 4 is for real according to a leaked document that also confirmed the development of the game. It was further revealed that the game will be set in Boston.

These leaked documents were in possession of Kotaku and though there was no mention of the word, 'Fallout,' several clues pointed out that it was Fallout 4.

The documents sent by a reader of the gaming website were from a casting call for a code-named project called 'Institute.' The document includes "scripts, character descriptions, and other details about the next Fallout."

There are also numerous references of Fallout's setting and locations. The casting director has previously worked on games like Dishonored and Skyrim. The words "War. War never changes" was also spotted in the documents, and these words were used in the introduction of Fallout 1, 2 and 3.

One set speaks of a character named Preston Garvey who is sent to "salvage fusion core from a museum in the Commonwealth." Other characters in the document include names like Travis Miles, a DJ and Sturges the engineer. The documents also include both male and female version of the character and the game will possibly start in a cryogenic sleep chamber.

The Institute, is a secretive version of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the series already has a version of Massachusetts, which is known as The Commonwealth, Polygon reported.

Fans went crazy when a teaser website called TheSurvivor2299 appeared and started beaming in Morse coded messages and other cryptic messages on the website, along with a countdown. However, the website has now turned out to be hoax, even though it was very detailed and looked real. Bethesda is yet to comment on the fake teaser website.  

Though Bethesda declined to comment even on the leaked report, it is certain that Fallout is under development, thus providing some solace to fans disappointed by the teaser trailer turning out to be  fake.