Vault Tec Workshop DLC was recently released for
Vault Tec Workshop DLC was recently released for Twitter/Fallout

"Fallout 4," developer Bethesda's popular video game got a new Vault-Tech Workshop DLC, which allows players to build their own Vault.

The new DLC features "pre-war industrial kits complete with retro-nostalgic furniture, lighting, and art" that will be influential in drawing more Dwellers to the Vault they construct. The DLC costs $4.99, and is also part of the Season Pass. It is the fifth DLC (add-on) for the game.

How to start the DLC?

In order to start the Vault-Tech Workshop DLC, players will have to be at level 20 or higher. Next, players will start hearing the distress beacon in the Wasterland.

In the event players are unable hear the distress beacon, they need to tune to Vault 88 Radio Beacon from the Radio Tab in their Pip-boy.

Players will be able to start once they have the quest, Vault-Tec Calling.

Vault 88

The new DLC features a mission where players will have to find an empty Vault, Vault 88. This vault is located beneath Quincy Quarries.

Once the quest begins, players must be ready to fight with enemies from Level 35. Players need to terminate the raiders at the entrance.

Players need to know that they have to grab the Vault 88 Jumpsuit in the chest before they try to clear the debris.

Players will encounter Overseer Barstow. Barstow is the last survivor of Vault 88, so make sure to talk to him.


Players will also be able to conduct experiment on the settlers.

There are four main experiments in the DLC's story missions, namely, Power Cycle 1000, the Phoropter, the Soda Fountain and the Slot Machine.

How to run experiments

There are three different tests in each object. Players need to power up both the object and the terminal. Terminal must be attached to the object, now, select the experiment that one has to run. Players can also build a Vault Overseer desk to check the results through a computer.

How to Fix Vault 88

One of the best ways to fix Vault 88 is to walk around and 'Scrap Everything' in Workshop Menu. Players need to have a weapon at their disposal when they are bringing down huge rockslide, as there is a possibility of these locations having radscorpions and glowing deathclaw.

Building the Vault

Players must see that they find a solid ground as the Vault is built above the ground. Players have been advised to have a fancy Vault door.

Unlock the Vault-Tec Workshop, found in Vault 88 Lobby to start building.

See that the Radio Beacon is included, as it helps in getting more settlers. Once settlers start arriving, build a Vault-Tec Population Management System. This keeps track of the settlers and assigns them jobs. Make sure that the settlers in the Vault have similar Suit and Pip-Boy.

In order to unlock the first area for building, players need to complete Better Living Underground. This will unlock Explore Vault 88, an optional quest. (More information will be added as details emerge.)