Fallout 4
Fallout 4 will be released on 10 November, 2015.Facebook

Upcoming Fallout series video game from Bethesda -- Fallout 4 -- has been slowly building up to its eventual release in November 2015.

Information on various aspects of this RPG game is being revealed to the fans in general. In recent interview, Fallout 4 director Todd Howard was asked about the stealth aspect in the game and about the possibility of playing the game without having to kill any enemies.

"You can avoid [killing] a lot. I can't tell you that you can play the whole game without violence – that's not necessarily a goal of ours – but we want to support different play styles as much as we can," said Howard, The Guardian reported.

The developers also revealed the flexibility of its base-building and customisations. In an interview with GameSpot, Bethesda vice president Pete Hines said players will not only have cooler options and that there will be more to it.

"[In Fallout 4] it's, 'Now I'm building it, I'm actually building the house, I'm building the wall, I'm placing the door, I made the table, I made the mattress.' It's that sense of making your own way in the world and defining, 'Who am I and where do I live and what's my story in this world?'" he said.

However, the locations where the base can be set up will be pre-set, similar to Skyrim. He also added that Fallout 4's buildings options will be like Minecraft.

He also revealed that the game was "basically done" even before the company announced it at E3 2015. So what the studio is currently working on is, it is getting "everything fixed."

Meanwhile, a guide book for Fallout 4, titled "Vault Dweller's Survival Guide" has been announced. The book will be running into 400-odd pages, that will include walk-throughs, detailed maps, item and loot details.

The guide will also be inclusive of relevant information like specs, information on perks, armour, weapons, items and creatures. It will also have crafting and workshop item references and details on collection, upgradation and building.

It will also feature a mobile-friendly version, "eGuide." This guide will be released along with Fallout 4 on 10 November. The digital version of the guide will cost $9.99, paperback version will cost $29.99 and Collector's Edition, the hardcover copy, is priced at $39.99.

The game will be rolling out on 10 November 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.