Fallout 4
Fallout 4 - Will it ever roll out? (Representational Image)fallout.bethsoft.com

Rumours are not new for fans of Fallout as players have been eagerly waiting for the yet-to-be-confirmed Fallout 4. However, a new rumour by a well-known tipster has revealed that the company behind Fallout, Bethesda, might just release the game not in the US, but in Europe.

YouTuber MrMattyPlays has revealed about some of the peculiar statements coming from Pete Hines, community manager at Bethesda.

Hines posted on Twitter that he is heading to Europe and later a fan asks him if he is on a business trip or if it is pleasure. To which his reply was "work."

This statement at this juncture has raised doubts on the possible reveal of Fallout 4 at some of the upcoming gaming events in Europe. One of the gaming events that is coming up is Casual Connect Europe to be held on 4 February 2015 in Amsterdam.

However, it does not mean that it is Fallout 4 and could be some other game that Bethesda wants to release. Since players have for a long time demanding they would want to see something from Bethesda, there could be chances of the company revealing some other game, if not Fallout 4.

Later in another video, he goes on to say that the other game that Bethesda might be planning to release could be Doom.

The possibility of Fallout 4 being revealed in Europe when Fallout 3 was patriotic to US could be "overhyped," but if Fallout 4 is set in Europe that could be something different.

(YouTube Courtesy: MrMattyPlays)

In another video, MrMattyPlays speaks about a Fallout 4 wishlist by fans. The list includes the following things:

  • Dynamic apparel with a apparel repair functionality
  • Better hand to hand combat
  • An overhauled mini-game for hacking computers.
  • Actual recoil
  • Modern weaponry and bigger weapon customisation
  • Mountable turrets/guns
  • Secondary fire modesin guns.