Give us a new Fallout already. It's about time." This has been the most common thing fanboys are discussing about the next Fallout title. And rightfully so as it's been ages since we have been talking or writing about the game.

2015 holds lot of hopes for developers and fans alike. While a number of titles since caught up in the development hell are to come out this year, the fans are also gearing up to celebrate the release of a host of titles that are marking the new year.

One such title is the upcoming Fallout that's in the pipeline for later this year. Although a few rumors suggest that an early 2015 is a probability. This is one of those "long time coming" titles from Bethesda that needs to see the light of the day as soon as possible.

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But before the title is brought out finally, there are a host of expectations from the game this year. And we take a look at few of the important things to expect while the countdown to Fallout 4 begins.

Next Gen Presentation
If not anything else, don't expect the new Fallout to be an exclusive. Not only would that be a disaster of epic proportions, but it would also kill most of the fanbase the series has created over the past few years. Not to mention, revenue going down the drain. But keeping on the path, we are expecting some kind of a pre-release presentation of the next Fallout on next gen consoles. Bethesda is one of those developers who aim for technical proficiency, although that involves some bad turns at times. But with 2015 kicking in, we are expecting some changes. Expect a majorly polished game with the goodness of next gen to make use of.

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A Confirmed Setting
We are really confused on this one. There have been a plethora of leaks from time to time, suggesting varied locations and settings for the new Fallout game. While one leak in the past suggested that the new Fallout will take place below the ground in a vault, another one pointed toward Boston. While others have even pointed at Massachusetts and New York. But we are willing to live with any of the above choices the devs make, as long as the end product lives up to all the hoopla that's been created for it.

A Good Teaser... To Begin With
Presentation is everything! How many times have you been reminded that by your boss or your teacher? We would like to remind the same over to guys working at Bethesda, as far as a good teaser for the game is concerned. If you played Fallout 3 and followed it to the day of its release, you should be well versed with the kind of teasers we have seen from the game before release. 2015 is a hopeful year, and we intend to see the first ever teaser for the next Fallout before the current year reaches its business end.


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A Confirmation of its Existence
Even though some might object to me saying Fallout 4 need not necessarily come out this year, the least Bethesda could do is acknowledge the fact that the game exists. It's been around seven years now that we have been expecting a Fallout game. And the more time the devs take, the more it adds fuel to a fire that's growing in epic proportions.  And moreover, the suspense is unbearable now.

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Maybe a Demo of the Game?
At this point, we are guessing Bethesda has grown in confidence from all the importance that's being shown to the next Fallout. And a way the devs can actually repay the fans is by releasing a kind of demo of the game that will make clear what the fans will be dealing with, going forward. We know that it's often hard to cut out chuncks of in-game areas while keeping everything else out of limit. But keeping the enthusiasm intact, a demo might just be a great way to say the company cares.