Fallout 4 is not far away, but that won't stop us from obsessing with the game. And the obsession is somewhat legit if you have stuck to the Fallout series since the beginning. However, Fallout 4 is a considerable upgrade over all the others in the series, especially with the improved SPECIAL Perks feature.

While we have already discussed about the likes of Strength, Perception, Endurance and Charisma in the SPECIAL system, here's a look at the Agility, Intelligence and Luck Perks for Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Perks -- Understanding Agility, Intelligence and Luck


As you may expect from the name, Agility determines your overall reflexes and how fit you are in the game. The Agility factor directly impacts the Action Points apart from the player's ability to move around undetected. The Perks that are related to this include Gunslinger, Commando, Sneak and Gun Fu, and is linked with your usage of weapons. With the Sneak ability, it makes you harder to detect. The level of this ability increases as you unlock more ranks in this Perk.


Again, Intelligence is based upon how good you are in taking quick decisions and the overall mental acuity. This is said to effect the experience points that you get around in the game. Apart from that, this also impacts your healing ability, technical prowess and several other such aspects. The Perks associated with Intelligence include V.A.N.S., Medic, Gun Nut and Science.

While V.A.N.S. will make it easier to locate your targets, the Medic Perks increases the amount of health -- first level of this Perk increases stimpak health restoration to 40%, alongside 40% of radiation poisoning with RadAway. However, Gun Nut and Science Perks will give you access to higher level abilities.


Luck determines your general good fortune in the game. Increasing the stats for this gives you higher odds when locating better items, while impacting the recharge rate of Critical Hits. The Perks associated with the Luck stat include Bloody Mess, Better Criticals and Fortune Finder.

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[Source: Prima Games]