Fallout 4
Fallout 4 - Will it ever roll out? (Representational Image)fallout.bethsoft.com

Fallout 4 is definitely one of the most awaited gaming titles for their fans. And any report on it welcome as there is a dearth of information on the post-apocalyptic title.

A report in Gameranx has reported that the upcoming FPS game, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood from publisher Bethesda Softworks contains reference to Fallout 4.

The reference in the game was however very small, which will be recognised easily by any Fallout fan. The Old Blood includes reference of a Nuka Cola drink, which has been popularly attached to Fallout series, where it is a beverage. Players will reportedly find it after ten minutes in the game.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is being developed by Machine Games, a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media, which is the parent company of Bethesda too. Last year, Zenimax had filed for trademarks for Nuka Cola.

This leads to a question of Bethesda hinting on the announcement of Fallout 4 sometime soon? Recent reports were speculating on the possibility of Bethesda revealing the game at the upcoming E3 2015 in June.