Far Harbor DLC, the third downloadable content of "Fallout 4," is expected to be the next DLC that will follow two DLCs, Automatron and Wasteland Workshop.

Bethesda had revealed in a post that this DLC will lead to the search for a young woman and secret colony of synths. Players will have to travel off the coast of Maine and to the island of Far Harbor. Players will have to pass the conflicting synths, Children of Atom and local townspeople. The players can bring peace between the various factions, but this comes at a cost.

Far Harbor has a big landmass among the DLCs and will consist of quests, settlements, dungeons, creatures and more. While this is the only official information that is available, thanks to a SteamDB listing, it has been revealed that the DLC is 3GB in size. This is a really large file that is bigger than The Shivering Isle of "Oblivion." 

New Details

New details have emerged shedding more light on gameplay and storyline. Rumours have suggested that the DLC could revolve around a Ghoul Whale, as detailed in the video where the Caravan worker speaks about Ol' Peg. The worker's granddad apparently saw the giant blue Ghoul Whale, which was "bigger than anything." It is terrifying and ancient animal that disappears with the fog.

The Ghoul Whale lives in the deep blue ocean found right outside the Far Harbor.


Far Harbor DLC will cost $24.99.


"Fallout 4" is expected to be released May 2016.