Fallout 4
Fallout 4 was released on 10 November.Facebook

Fallout 4 has been ever-growing in popularity, and Bethesda cannot but be ecstatic at its developers for providing hardcore Fallout fans something they can be happy about.

There have been rumours that Fallout 4 includes a Chinese submarine. It has now been found to be true, courtesy Gamepur.

The existence of a Chinese submarine was first heard of in a military research facility in the Commonwealth. To Fallout 4 players wanting to find the location of it, here is the location guide:

  • Get the Hazmat suit and some of the Mirelurk cakes and go to the coast.
  • To the north of the Castle and near the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant, players will find a pier that also houses a small place for a boy named Donny.
  • Talk to Donny, and he will tell you about the sea monster that lurks in the ocean.
  • He will ask you to investigate it. This will start the mission 'Here There Be Monsters.'
  • Once the mission has started, players will have to swim in the water and find the sub if they have to continue.
  • After you have found the sub, go and talk to its inhabitants. They will reveal their missions to "relaunch the Yangtze and head back to China".
  • Players are rewarded with a set of three homing beacons that can be used in a fight to launch a tactical mission from the Yangtze.

There was another Chinese sub found in DLC Point Lookout, called SSN-37-1A.