Fallout 4
Fallout 4's audio trailer has reportedly leaked.fallout.bethsoft.com

Apart from Bethesda reportedly teasing a website (TheSurvivor2099) for Fallout 4 which had Morse codes as background sound and the game being trademarked in Europe, there have been no official announcements of the game or its ultimate release date. Still, speculations of the game seem to be on the rise.

Die-hard fans of the game had deciphered the code and now there is another reported leak of the audio teaser of Fallout 4 that has gone viral. The clip was uploaded by PlatinKing and spotted by a gamer.

The clip is two-minute long and begins with a song by Patti Page, originally covered by Skeeter Davis, titled "The End of the World". The music reaches a crescendo and later a lady starts to sing. The uploader of the audio claimed that it was a segment by Alberto Iglesias titled "Aterrizaje Inminente. He said the audio must be a trailer music or teaser for Fallout 4, Las Vegas Guardian Express reported.  

Many Redditors seem to agree that the audio was recorded and edited professionally but the clip's legitimacy was questioned. The audio clip does have a resemblance with Fallout 3's introductory part.

Direct Sequel of Fallout 3?

Speculations have also emerged if the game is a direct follow-up of Fallout 3 that take place after the events of the post-apocalyptic breakout. GamingBolt has questioned whether the game will be placed in a better setting or a new city.

New Codes on TheSurvivor2099 Website

Following the initial tease, TheSurvivor2099 website now has more additions made to it following reports of the Morse code. The website now teases a message saying, "Nuclear winter is coming in 6days 12h 04m 04s" with the countdown time still running, reported IncGamers.

Todd Howard, CEO of Bethesda, had said during the Skyrim Project that about 90 to 100 people were working on the Fallout series. It was rumored that the game will be set in Massachusetts.

Fallout 4 is expected to come to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Associated News reported.