Fallout 4
Fallout 4 has been confirmed, after a long wait.Twitter/BethesdaGameStudios

Since the official confirmation of Fallout 4 from Bethesda Softworks, fans have started digging deeper on the newly released video trailer and the images, analysing everything.

Bethesda's reveal surprised many, but fans were ecstatic that it was finally released. Fallout 4 will be an open-world RPG video game set in a post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts.

The video also introduces us to a dog as 'pal,' a canine companion, but questions have been raised on if players will be able to play him.

At the 1:28 mark, we can see how T- 45 power armours and a man in the green military fatigue.

Vault 111 - The video shows the Vault doors opening and also on the flashback we see the nuclear explosion having blown away everything. This could be the home Vault of the protagonist. We are also able to see the pre-war hatch of the Vault.

YouTube user and avid Fallout fan, MrMattyPlays speculates via his video that the game could have first person animation.

The video shows us various post war Boston landmarks and monuments, the first one being the Bunker Hill Monument. Later we get a glimpse of the USS Constitution that is changed into an airship.

One fan wondered if the Institute -- the Fallout version of MIT -- has anything to do with USS Constitution.

The video also reveals about a possible bank in Fallout 4 that is visible beneath the USS Constitution.

At the 1:41 mark, we get a brief look at a mysterious stranger walking with a trench coat and hat. The location is Scollay Square a vibrant city square in downtown Boston before its demolition in 1962. This brief look also reveals that the game is likely to have weather effects as we can see rain and lightning.

The pylons probably are the power transmitters, bringing power to the city.

We also come across the Brahmins (cattles), mirelurk (creature), female Deathclaw wandering in the wasteland, and Feral ghouls (creatures) are set to make a comeback.

The entrance to the Diamond City at 1:50 (read the modern Fenway Park?) can be seen. Various pointers like the statue, floodlights and old hoarding hint that it is a basketball stadium.

We also get to see statue of Paul Revere, the image also shows an intriguing air ship that is in the air.

Fallout 4 will provide a full city to explore.

Fans have found at the 2:00 minute mark in the video a sign carrying the letters "GNN" near a Radio tower. This has been speculated as the possible return of Fallout 3 radio host Three Dog. It has been speculated that it could mean Galaxy News Network, an extension to GNR (Galaxy News Radio) station. In 2013, Erik Todd Dellums, the voice actor of Three Dog's had hinted at returning to the game.

We also get to see the State House. One thing that has been observed is that all the landmarks have been well preserved for a city that has seen nuclear detonation.

Fans will also get to see what exactly happened before the Great War in the numerous flashbacks, especially the one that shows protagonist's parents on the Vault hatch.

The garage that is shown at 2:19 is a possibly player safe house and looks to be better integrated and designed than its predecessors.

The power armour that was shown looks like it can be worked on. Bobbleheads that  were collectibles in Fallout 3 are back. Here we can see Laser rifle, minigun, shotgun shells.

We can also see a new kind of Makeshift rifle resting on the left side of the garage.

Other weapons we have seen include assault rifle and baseball bat. We also see Nuka-Cola bottles and advertisements.

The jumpsuit featured in the video is skin-tight. We see that the playable character says,: "let's go pal" indicating his ability to speak. This has made fans ponder how it will affect the old dialogue system and if the game is narrative driven?

Speculations have also been cast on the probability of players being able to remodel the character's face and flashbacks indicate a dual timeline hinting at a dual setting type of story.

Todd Howard, game director of Fallout 3, went on to say that Fallout 4 was one of Bethesda's most demanding games. "We know what this game means to everyone. The time and technology have allowed us to be more ambitious than ever. We've never been more excited about a game, and we can't wait to share it," Attack of the Fanboy quoted him as saying. 

Fallout 4 is rolling out sometime in 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It will have a world premiere on 14 June at the E3 press conference. This is Bethesda's first such showcase at E3.

Fans on Reddit have wished for the following in Fallout 4:

  • Ability to craft more weapons.
  • A motorcycle
  • Customizable Power Armor, like adding mods and a paint job to your armor.
  • Areas where players could go or learn something new about the lore
  • Canada DLC

(YouTube Courtesy: Bethesda Softworks)