Fallout 4
Fallout 4 - Will it ever roll out? (Representational Image)fallout.bethsoft.com

Fallout 4 from developer Bethesda is one of the most anticipated games. Though the company has neither released any information nor provided any hint of its developments, numerous rumours and speculations about the game are already doing the rounds.

MrMattyPlays, a YouTube user and Fallout fan, has released a new video on the wishlist of fans.

One fan wished that Fallout 4 should let Skyrim continue in the background even as characters spoke to people. The fan said that in the previous Fallout games like Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, the game would freeze where a mid-battle talk takes place.

Another fan has suggested that if Fallout 4 could have a way to visually reflect skills and special points. He also suggests possible craftable clothes or weapons that are exclusively for players with a certain skill level. He even gives examples, ability to craft night vision goggles and mount them on headwear.

A fan wished a "truly untouched Vault" and this civilisation has no idea of what is happening and the players teach them all this.

It has been heavily speculated that Fallout 4 could be revealed at the upcoming E3 2015.

Hosts Announced for Bethesda E3 2015 Pre-Show

Bethesda has announced the names of hosts responsible for the pre-show for Bethesda E3 2015.

Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, former hosts of the obsolete X-Play show on G4 TV, will be united and are in charge of it. The event is before the Bethesda E3 Showcase. The show will begin on 14 June at 6:45 pm PDT.

"I am thrilled to be reunited with Morgan Webb again and coming together for Bethesda's first-ever E3 Showcase makes it that much better. Over the years the talent and games from Bethesda's studios have always been a point of admiration, and my excitement couldn't be more palpable. Seriously, my scalp is tingling," said Sessler, Gameranx reported.