Fallout 4
Fallout 4 was released on 10 November.Facebook

Fallout 4 from Bethesda has entertained and held together Fallout series fans with this new game. The game has not only been popular but also successful monetary-wise for the company.

Though Bethesda has fixed many of the issues following its release on 10 November, there have been many that still crop up in the game that is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

One glitch that is affecting PC version users of Fallout 4 is the blurred vision bug. Gamepur revealed that there has been several workarounds for the game, but without any success. It mentions some that have not worked like using RadAway and Stimpacks, saving and reloading the game, radiation poisoning, changing attire, going to the doctor and more.

But among the workarounds, only three has been successful, they are:

  1. Getting a concussion: look for a low cover and crouch behind it when enemies are around. Let them shoot at your head, then use a Stimpack
  2. Load an older save file from a time when the game hadn't the blurred vision bug.
  3. Use the console commands, hit the ~ key and type "rimod 00094636" for the green blur and "rimod 002041B6" for the white-grey blur.


Synths, quests to do after the main story and Preston

Many players have taken to Reddit forum to share some of the tips, tricks, speculations and things they hated or liked. Below we produce some that might contain spoilers from Fallout 4.

One forum user asked if Synths age or grow, to which one member replied, "It is mentioned in an overheard conversation in the institute that the child synths do not age or grow in any way." And another user said, "They don't age, but they can wear out."

"What quests to take up after finishing the main story?" asked a forum user, to which another replied, "Do Kid in a fridge. It's near quincy," and another member offered a tip on the quest. Players will be approached by Bullet, an NPC after freeing Billy from the fridge. Bullet will want to purchase Billy. In the event of players selling Billy to the NPC, they can kill him. This will lead to a new dialogue tree with Billy that allows players to take Billy back home, and they would have gained some caps from selling Bullet initially.

Another user suggests another quest that is at the Cambridge Polymer Labs, where players will be dealing with pre-war robot that doesn't understand war was declared. It was also revealed that there was a unique piece of power armour in the building. Another quest suggested was The Silver Shroud, which many claimed is not only fun but garners players an outfit and unique SMG. The USS Constitution quest was another one that needs the character to have higher intelligence (recommended Intelligence 9).

'Talking to Rufus at Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor' comes "highly recommended". 'Here There Be Monsters' is another quest near Shamrock Taphouse. Other quests include the ghoul at Bunker Hill, Longneck Lukowski Cannery quest.

One forum member reveals that the Museum of Witchcraft has "really good" loot hidden in a chest. The players are greeted by a stealthy Deathclaw, but they are rewarded with three mini nukes.

One user in the forum revealed the reasons for finding Fallout 4's companion, Preston as the worst companion in the game. He gives out reasons why he is the worst:

  • He's boring and has a boring backstory
  • He gives you quests without your consent and you can't escape them.
  • He makes you the minutemen leader but then he still tells you what to do.
  • He leaves when you need him the most (which is early game).

One user went on to call Preston the Jacob Taylor of Fallout 4.