Bethesda, the developers behind Fallout 4, had not revealed any news on its new game until it was revealed at E3 2015. The game had been a secret.

It also did not believe in running a lengthy promotion campaign that is normally associated with such game releases. So what makes Bethesda so different from the rest of the gaming studios?

Jeff Gardiner, lead producer, has revealed the secret of his company's developers -- sanction to do what they love most in their work.

Gardiner, in a newly-released video from the E3 panel, said, "We're still a scrappy team. We're just over 100 people – not nearly as big as some of the other studios," VG247 reported.

"We're able to have great, individual rapport with all our developers. We empower people to do what they love when they come to our work," he said.

"It's 'what can you contribute today?' It's not like we hand them a task sheet. We find surprises all the time in the game and those are for us some of the best things," he added.

DLC can be pre-ordered for Xbox One users

Xbox One owners can now pre-order Fallout 4 DLC even as Bethesda is yet to announce the content that will be inside the DLC.

Interested can pre-order the Fallout 4 Season Pass costing $30 from Xbox Marketplace, reported GameSpot.

Apart from this, Xbox Marketplace has also listed a $90 Fallout 4 Digital Deluxe Bundle that consists of a copy of the game and the DLC Season Pass. This bundle will not necessitate buying the DLC Season Pass.

Previously, Bethesda had promised that the Fallout 4 DLC Season Pass will consist of 'multiple expansions' to Fallout 4, launching sometime in 2016. We also know that Bethesda will not be rolling out any platform exclusive DLCs either.

Xbox One users pre-ordering Fallout 4 will be receiving a free copy of Fallout 3, which can be played via Xbox One's backwards compatibility.

Bethesda has also said that Fallout 4 might be receiving "regular free updates", similar to Skyrim.

Pete Hines, vice president of Bethesda, has asked PS4 and PC users to "stay tuned" for details on the pre-order on these platforms.

Fallout 4 will be rolled out on 10 November for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.