Video gaming fans have been eagerly waiting for Fallout 4 from Bethesda, and it is expected that this action RPG video game will let us explore the Wasteland on 10 November, 2015.

Bethesda, the studio behind this popular series, has been giving out steady streams of information on the game since it was revealed at E3 2015.

We now know that this game is coming for PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Bethesda's Pete Hines, vice president of marketing and PR, assured gamers that the performance of the PS4 version of the video game will be 'pleasing' to its fans and it clocks a "solid 30FPS".

And regarding the PC version, Hines said that PC gamers can expect the PC version of the game to have "other data" on its disc apart from the installer.

To a question if Fallout 4 has to be installed with the disc, he revealed that the disc does not consist of the full game and they "still" needs to be downloaded from Steam.

He says further that the PC version is shipped on DVD and console versions on Blu-rays. And to a question why Bethesda did not put the game on Blu-ray, he revealed that there was not "enough of an install base on PCs compared to DVD drives."

To another question on why such restrictions are being put on the PC version of the video game, Hines said that this was being done to tackle piracy. So players ordering for the PC version need to see that they have good internet to download the rest of the game from Steam.

Bethesda recently released a live-action trailer (below) that shows many facets of the video game, Fallout 4.