"Fallout 4," the popular video game from Bethesda, received a new patch 1.05 for the game's PS4 version, according to a Twitter announcement.

Bethesda said it is an "incremental" PS4 update, which adds trophy support for Wasteland Workshop ahead of the second "Fallout 4" DLC pack. Wasteland Workshop is expected to be released April 12.

The company clarified that PC and Xbox One are, however, up to date.

The Wasteland Workshop is expected to enhance the customisations added to settlements, allowing its players to collect enemies as trophies, pets and fight the captured enemies in arenas.

Recently, Bethesda released its first free DLC, Automatron, which offered robot customisation, new quests and powerful enemies. The third DLC, titled Far Harbour, is expected to arrive in May and is said to be a bigger one than Wasteland Workshop.

Meanwhile, PC version of "Fallout 4" received a new Survival mode that increases the difficulty levels for the players opting this mode. The company is running this mode on beta for PC and testing it out before its probable release on PS4 and Xbox One.

The company shared the changes that are part of the Survival Steam Beta update (Bethesda Community):

New Survival Features

  • Thirst, hunger, sleep and disease icons will change color based on status

Survival Fixes

  • Less food and drink are required to maintain proper sustenance
  • Carry capacity lowered
  • Sleep cycle has been lowered from 24 hours to 14 hour days
  • Reduced chances to getting a disease
  • Fusion cores weigh more
  • Nuka Cola Quantums no longer cancel out caffeine effect from Nuka Cola and Nuka Cola Cherry
  • Fixed occasional issue with becoming parched or peckish when thirst or hunger are actually satisfied
  • Fixed issue where Adrenaline effect would incorrectly persist after changing difficulty level
  • When companion is down, a quest target will appear on them