• Danielle Stewart Fall Comedy Collection
    Danielle Stewart, Host of Sex Box on WEtv: "Betabrand's mantra is exactly like stand-up comedy—material is completely crowd sourced and beta tested night after night before it eventually makes it onto my HBO comedy special, which is coming any day now—I can feel it!"Betabrand
  • Sarah Haskins Fall Comedy Collection
    Sarah Haskins, Writer and Co-Creator of "Trophy Wife": "I quite enjoyed wearing Betabrand. In fact, I am now quitting comedy to become a professional model for Betabrand. I know this is short notice for you, people at Betabrand, but heads up. Get me some more outfits, stat."Betabrand
  • Emily Halpern Comedy Fall COllection
    Emily Halpern, Writer, and Co-Creator "Trophy Wife": "I'm very cool and go to a lot of parties. But in order of what I like to do most it's probably 1) Music, 2) Reading, 3) Sleeping, 4) Parties."Betabrand
  • Janie Haddad Tompkins Fall Comedy Collection
    Janie Haddad Tompkins, Co-creator of the "Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood" podcast: " I fell in love with the hoody blazer, and putting your product out there for people to respond to is always a good thing."Betabrand
  • Jessie Kahnweiler Fall comedy collection
    Jessie Kahnweiler, Filmmaker: "I chose to pursue comedy as career because I hate health insurance and love sleeping on your futon."Betabrand
  • Rachel Axler Comedy Fall Collection
    Rachel Axler, Writer/Producer of "Mulaney", "How I Met Your Mother", "Parks and Recreation", and "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart": "Betabrand's "Gay Jeans" hugged my butt like a gay man wouldn't. I would've happily walked away in them. I had a blast during the photo shoot, and love that you guys would use a 5-foot-tall model."Betabrand
  • Anna David Falls Comedy COllection
    Anna David, NY Times bestselling author and CEO/Founder of AfterPartyChat: "..As soon as someone laughs at something I said, I think, "Can I use that in a story? If not, I need to tweet it." Not proud of this!"Betabrand
  • Tracey Wigfield Fall Comedy Collection
    Tracey Wigfield, Writer/Producer on "The Mindy Project" and "30 Rock": "Crowdsourcing clothing ideas is sort of like working in a writers room, except instead of pitching on a joke you're pitching on pants."Betabrand
  • Kay Cannon Fall Comedy Collection
    Kay Cannon, Writer for "30 Rock," "New Girl," "Pitch Perfect," and "Pitch Perfect 2": "As an improviser, it's (beta testing ideas for clothes) very similar to when we break the fourth wall and address the audience by asking for a suggestion that we then use to create a scene.Betabrand
  • Laura Krafft Fall Comedy Collection
    Laura Krafft, Writer for "The Colbert Report.": I liked the dress I wore... I think there's a pretty obvious link between crowdsourcing a dress and a joke. Either there's good feedback or there isn't. The crowd rarely lies."Betabrand
  • Colleen McGuinness Fall Comedy Collection
    Colleen McGuinness,writer for "30 Rock" and "About A Boy.": "With every year that goes by, comfort is more and more important to me. By the time I'm 40, I'll be in silk pajamas full-time."Betabrand
  • Brenda Hsueh Fall Comedy Collection
    Brenda Hsueh, Writer and Producer of "How I Met Your Mother.": Being a funny woman in show business is a double-edged sword. In my personal life I hope it's a single-edged sword that cuts the good way."Betabrand
  • Carrie Kemper Fall Comedy Collection
    Carrie Kemper, writer of "The Office" and "Silicon Valley.": " I'm about to get married in a week, so these answers are going to be really short; hope that's cool with everyone. I'm in the middle of figuring out a reception seating chart, and it's hard."Betabrand
  • Alana Johnston Fall Comedy Collection
    Alana Johnston, comedian: "I first knew I was funny when I just decided I was. No approval necessary!"Betabrand

The quirky clothing brand BetaBrand has never followed the market trends, instead it sets its own rules, selling products that are unique to them and promoting them in ways unheard of.

For their new line, the Fall Comedy Collection, the clothing brand hired 14 female comedians and comedy writers to model their attires instead of skinny models, who rarely fit the bill of an 'average woman'.

The Comedy Collection has employed some exceptionally funny females like writer Brenda Hsueh of "How I Met Your Mother"; "Trophy Wife" co-creator Sarah Haskins; the genius behind "Meet My Rapist", a brilliant comedy short film about rape, Jessie Kahnweiler, Carrie Kemper, a writer for "The Office" and "Silicon Valley"; Tracey Wigfield, who writes for The Mindy Project and others, who prove that you can be funny and still be fashionable.

The five-year-old company has also featured interviews on their website with each of these models.

Known as the kickstarter for fashion, Betabrand had managed to outdo their brilliant campaign for the Spring Collection, wherein they hired female models who have PhDs or are PhD candidates to flaunt their pastel-coloured cotton shirts and dresses, utilitarian jackets and a selection of denim styles.

Betabrand content producer Liz Rossof told Elle that they wanted to feature "genuine people feeling comfortable and feeling themselves in their clothing".

The company also has a Model Citizen app that enables customers to upload photos of themselves wearing Betabrand clothes, get their stories published on "Model Citizen Stories" and get a discount on future purchases.

In the future, Rossof says, the company would like to only rely on its customers as models.

Watch below the funny photo shoot of the Fall Comedy Connection uploaded to Betabrand's Youtube channel: