"Faking It" has been on a break for a while now, and while we do not have an official date for the return of Season 3, we can rejoice in the fact that Felix (Parker Mack) will definitely return. He could in fact be the real incentive Amy (Rita Volk) needs to move on from her best friend Karma (Katie Stevens).

In the finale of "Faking It", we saw Amy making a conscious decision to stay away from Karma during the summer. Everything between the two had only started getting back to normal, after all the drama of Amy sleeping with Liam (Gregg Sulkin) and Karma's parents going bankrupt, when Karma got drunk and kissed Amy in the pool in front of all their peers.

Amy was making an effort to move on from her infatuation with Karma by dating the new kid in the school, who also happens to be the principal of their school. However, one kiss and she went back to dreaming of a future with Karma. She therefore made the choice of spending some time away from Karma to learn to live without her best friend, by travelling all over the country documenting the road trip of her ex-girlfriend Raegan's (Yvette Monreal) band.

Worry not: She is not going to get back together with Raegen, because the clingy ex-girlfriend is back in Austin, enjoying domestic bliss with her current girlfriend. However, when she returns home in Season 3, she is expected pick up from where she left off with Felix.

It was shocking for fans to discover that Felix is a recovering alcoholic and the stress of watching Amy obsess over Karma drove him right back to alcohol. It will be interesting to watch Amy being the person who might potentially save him from going down the same road again.

Meanwhile, Karma, heartbroken that her best friend has left her all alone for the entire summer, trains to be a lifeguard at the same time and place her nemesis Shane (Michael Willett) does. Whenever the duo is in a scene together, it is hilarious, and now that they are forced to be with each other, it would be wonderful to see how their relationship evolves.

After all, they both lost a best friend when Amy left, and that could be the common ground that brings them one step closer to being best friends.