Images claimed to be part of a soon to be released execution video show men in orange jumpsuits executing Isis fighters.
Images claimed to be part of a soon to be released execution video show men in orange jumpsuits executing Isis fighters.Twitter

A set of images showing the execution of dozens of Isis fighters, reportedly released by a Syrian rebel group, have gone viral on the internet.

The pictures show at least 20 masked Islamic State fighters clad in black, being led by a group of men dressed in orange jumpsuits. It is being reported that the images were released by Jaish al Islam, a coalition of several Islamist and Salafist units involved in the Syrian Civil War.

The images, which have extensively been shared on Twitter, show "Jaish al-Islam militants preparing to execute captured Isis militants in Syria."

A Twitter user shared the Isis fighters' execution images with a note: "Time to punish #Isis', a message from Jaish Al-Islam." Another Twitter user called it a "media stunt from Jaish al Islam as they execute #ISIS prisoners with ironic role reversal."

The images are purported to be a preview for the execution video that will soon be released by the Syrian rebel group.

In one of the images, several men in orange jumpsuits are seen leading the Isis fighters - who are seen wearing metals chains around their necks and heavy metal balls on their feet, to an execution site.

Another image shows the Isis fighters kneeling on the ground, while the men in orange jumpsuits stand behind them. The authenticity of the viral images remains to be verified.

Some Twitter users, citing Islamic Front - Jaish al Islam's parent body, stated that the images were fake. A user stated that it was a part of a film on Isis.

It is, however, still not clear if these images are an elaborate hoax with some social message or real. Syrian activists have pulled similar stunts in the past.

In February, Syrian activists had released images of children in a cage, while a man was seen holding a fire. The scene was a reenactment of Isis' burning alive video of the Jordanian pilot and was heavily crtisised.

A Daily Mail report, which called it the "sickest of protests", had noted that the Syrian activists had put up pictures of children inside the cage in an attempt to compare President Bashar al-Assad's atrocities with that of the Isis.