Fahad Kidwai
Fahad Kidwai

One more boon to the fashionistas, models and the youth icons. The luminary in multiple niches of fashion and directing, Fahad Kidwai is going to launch a modelling school for an extremely multifarious group , students between the ages of 10-35 . The fashion sensation wants to succour the endeavouring and suppressed artists by forging a platform for showcasing the talents of the underprivileged.

Multitudinous procurements within the young age of 25 have completely revolutionized his life. The voguish Kingpin has seized untold number of hearts through his consummate skills , both in India and UAE. He

has benchmarked the niche with his diverse accomplishments and has been solicited to attend multitudinous events and shows. He has solitarily won 11 fashion titles , 27 team events and has been hitherto a prolific choreographer. He has also starred in sterling movies .

The bigshot has sundry titles to his virtue, and is all psyched up to make his vision a success. Mr North India, Mr. thomso at IIT Roorkee, Mr Dehradun, Mr Indian Military Academy and Mr Uttrakhand are some indelible procurements of him . He has also choreographed some splendid shows like Vogue , Starhunt and countless others In Dubai and India. With his consummate and elegant skills of that of a designer, a choreographer, a prolific stylist,and an unprecedented designer, the visionary is of eccentric personality.

The fashionistas and his fans are anticipating a ginormic success for his school. He has already effectuate the plans and is all set to succour the underprivileged and the worthy. We wish him a very good luck and hope a colossal success for him in all planetary domains!!

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