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An image of a school bus went viral on social media platforms for all the funny reasons. What could have been an ordinary image with kids playfully looking outside the window in a school bus parked roadside was anything but ordinary. The name of the school painted on the bus caught everyone's attention and taught the importance of punctuation. The irony is truly not lost here.

Being a school bus, the least anyone would expect is the correctly spelt and punctuated name of the school. But it went wrong with the lack of spacing, which then turned around the entire meaning of the name.


Social media platforms have been buzzing with this viral image of a yellow school bus with the name of the school as "MOTHER' SLAP PUBLIC SCHOOL." Check out the image below:

School bus

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Anyone with a common understanding of grammar could correct this. The missing space between the letters "S" and "L" changed the entire meaning. It should've spelled "MOTHER'S LAP" not "MOTHER' SLAP."

Naturally, anyone who took the wrongly punctuated name of school literally wouldn't want their kid to be going there. A quick Google search revealed the right name. It's a school in Agra. But another school with the same name is also in Telangana, but the school bus with a wrongly punctuated school name belongs to the Agra school.

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