Sony finally revealed the PlayStation 5 in its full glory and its design instantly became the center of memes and online discussions. Besides all that, one particular picture of the PS5 went viral, depicting the massiveness of the next-gen gaming console. Since the official dimensions of the console haven't been revealed by Sony, people were convinced the PS5 is a giant block.

In the picture, the PS5 sits besides Xbox Series X, making the latter look like a dwarf. At first glance, it sure looks like the case, but upon closer inspection, there are some discrepancies.

Giant PS5
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By deciphering the picture of the giant PS5, we can deduce that the image is fake. The PS5 is definitely bigger than other consoles in the market and bigger than its own older versions, but definitely not as big as portrayed in the image.

Looking closely at both the consoles, specifically their front-facing USB ports as reference points, will show the size discrepancies. Both the consoles have been photoshopped into one image, but in doing so the PlayStation 5 appears to be slightly magnified.

PS5/ PlayStation 5Sony

Forbes further identified other details such as the inconsistencies in the way shadows of both the consoles fall on the table. This confirms that the viral image is a photoshop

Even so, we are still awaiting details on Sony PS5's dimensions.

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