Rangoli Chandel has become the centre of much controversy and remains as such despite her account being suspended on Twitter. Her controversial tweets continue to make netizens ask whether she will somehow make it back to Twitter. 

Recently a letter was posted on Twitter by an account that uses the same layout as Rangoli's account complete with the same photos and similar bio. The letter addressed her beef with Farah Khan Ali as a response to Farah Khan Ali's tweet. Now, it has the netizens wondering whether Rangoli is back on Twitter through this account. 

Kangana Ranaut and Rangoli Chandel

Is Rangoli back on Twitter?

Rangoli Chandel left Twitter leaving more questions behind than answers. Kangana Ranaut's sister had her account suspended by the platform a series of explosive tweets that were reported for its content promoting Nazism and Genocide. Her tweets came after attacks on medical health workers amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. 

There was some back and forth between accuser Farah Khan Ali and Rangoli's side including Kangana Ranaut. Ali had posted a letter on Twitter discussing the content of Rangoli's tweets and asserted that she had nothing personal against Rangoli. 

Recently though a letter surfaced on Twitter on this account, @KillBillBride addressing Farah Khan Ali and justifying Rangoli's actions in the first person. The account accurately copies Rangoli's writing style, which makes it hard to ascertain whether the account is for real, although the letter is entertaining and spews venom towards Farah Khan Ali in the same manner Rangoli would. 

However, the account hasn't been verified to be her on Twitter. Moreover, the account has been in existence since 2016. If Rangoli were to join Twitter again she would begin a new account entirely, we would think. Rangoli after the debacle had also declared that she would never rejoin Twitter.