Mehedi Hasan Rasel
Image of Mehedi Hasan Rasel, circulated as the prime accused in Murshidabad triple murderfacebook

An image of two men is doing the rounds on the internet, with the claim that one of them wearing a skull cap is a prime accused in Murshidabad triple murders.

The man, who has been accused of the lynching of Bangladeshi engineering student Abrar Fahad, has been impeached of Murshidabad murders. The post claims that he has been identified as the suspect behind the triple murders of Bandhu Prakash Pal, his wife Beauty Pal and their six-year-old son in West Bengal's Murshidabad.


The photo is being circulated on Facebook, where the Bangladeshi student, held for the killing of Fahad, has been misidentified as the man behind the gruesome triple murders.


The posts have been captioned as, "ये वही हत्यारा है जो एक हंसता मुस्कुराता हिन्दू परिवार (बंधु प्रकाश) की हत्या कर दी । इनके और साथी होंगे वो कहां है ? क्या ये अल्लाह के नेक बंदे हैं ? इस हत्याकांड के मकसद क्या है, इसके पीछे और कौन लोग है? देश के सामने आना जरूरी है ।", meaning "This is the same killer who killed a smiling Hindu family (Brother Prakash). They will have more partners where is that? Are these the righteous people of Allah? What is the purpose of this massacre, who else is behind it? It is necessary to come in front of the country."

Fact-checking website AltNews and BOOM found that the image was uploaded by Mehedi Hasan Rasel, a resident of Bangladesh in June. The photo shows him wearing a blue kurta and his father, who is wearing a skull cap and this was being circulated as the photo of the prime accused in Murshidabad triple murders.

After running a reverse image search, the photo was directed to the same image that was used by multiple news articles to report about the accused held in the death of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) student Abrar Fahad.

The man in the blue kurta was identified as Mehdi Hasan Rasel, general secretary of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL), BUET unit. He is one of the 10 accused in the murder of second-year engineering student, Abrar Fahad, in BUET.

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Photo of prime accused in Bangladesh student’s murder falsely circulated as Murshidabad killer

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