Hyderabad was struck with panic as various WhatsApp groups received a video of a deadly bridge collapse at the Jeedimetla-Balangar route. The footage of the collapsed flyover, which was under construction, has gone viral once again, but falsely being linked to Hyderabad. Here's what had happened and why the latest claim is false.

The claim

A video of a flyover collapse is being shared extensively on social media platforms and through WhatsApp, alerting residents of Hyderabad to avoid the Balangar-Jeedimetla route due to the accident. The video shows a slab of collapsed flyover crushed cars as a massive crowd has gathered, attempting to lift the huge cement block with the help of a JCB.

Flyover collapse

The shocking footage shows people crushed under the bridge inside their cars. At least tens of cars can be seen crushed flat and people assess the accident and how to rescue them.


International Business Times reviewed the viral video and fact-checked the claim. While the video is of a real incident, it is being falsely being linked to the Jeedimetla-Balangar route in Hyderabad.

Fact check bridge collapse Hyderabad

A reverse image search of screengrabs from the video shows a 2018 incident of a flyover collapse in Varanasi. Several news reports covered the incident, which took place in Varanasi's Cantt area. Several people were trapped and at least 18 were reported dead in the accident.

In addition to this evidence, Cyberabad Traffic Police also deemed the incident being falsely passed off as a recent one. Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority also debunked the false reports.

Based on all the evidence, International Business Times has arrived at the conclusion that the flyover collapse did not take place in Hyderabad, rather it is an old incident from Varanasi.