Shiva Temple, Kupwara
Shiva Temple, KupwaraTwitter

Mohit Bhan, Spokesperson of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (J&K PDP), took to Twitter to claim that a Shiva Temple has been vandalised in the Kupwara district of the Union Territory. Asserting that the act has hurt the religious sentiments of lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits, he demanded action against those behind the purported offence.

Bhan stated that he has confirmed the development via local journalists and tagged District Magistrate of Kupwara Anshul Garg in his post, seeking punishment for the culprits.

"A Shiva temple in village Waterkhani, Kupwara has been damaged by some miscreants 2 days back got it verified by local journalists. Immediate action needs to be initiated, culprits identified & booked under law. Religious sentiments of lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits hurt," Bhan tweeted along with a picture showing the damaged temple.

The dubious news spread rapidly as people fell for Bhan's claim and further shared it across different social media platforms.

"When the whole nation was celebrating the Bhumi Pujan of Ram temple, back home in Kashmir some culprits demolished the Shiva Temple in village Waterkhani, Kupwara. A few years back the Shivling was broken into pieces. Can the authorities please inspect the area and book the culprits," wrote one Twitter user.

False claim regarding a Shiva Temple in Kupwara
False claim regarding a Shiva Temple in KupwaraTwitter

Fact-Checking the claim

Before the sensitive information could have led to serious consequences, Anshul Garg clarified that the reason behind the ruinous condition of the particular Shiva Temple is natural dilapidation. He refuted the claim that the temple was damaged by miscreants and appealed the residents to not jump to any conclusions.

"No case of vandalism as confirmed from field agencies and locals. The damage is a result of natural over time being an old structure. However, Administration is in touch will the local community for any assistance feasible. Would request all to maintain calm," Anshul Garg replied to Bhan's tweet.

Acknowledging the DM's reply, the youth wing of the J&K PDP requested him to take up the matter with locals of the area. "Thanks for clarifying. Will really appreciate if your officers can connect local community and concern people about issue," read a tweet from J&K PDP Youth.

Claim reviewed :

A Shiva Temple has been vandalized in Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir

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