Social media can be used for both good and evil and some mischiefs choose the latter. Despite timely efforts to debunk hoaxes, myths and fake news, new rumours make it to the web with malicious intent. This time, a viral letter has been circulated on social media platforms, which could very well spark communal tensions.

The Claim

A letter, dated November 2, 2020, appeared to be from DG & IGP of Karnataka instructed the removal of sound systems from mosques. The letter appeared legit at first glance, complete with the same format as an official order would have from the Karnataka state government.

mosque loudspeaker
Loudspeakers on a mosque (Representational image)BAY ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images

The letter was addressed to all Police Commissioners and Superintendents of Police in Karnataka to carry out the removal of loudspeakers from all mosques. Check out the viral letter and social media posts below:

Fake letters
Fake letters
Karnataka state police

Fact check

The Karnataka State Police fact check team jumped into action as soon as they discovered the letter going viral on social media platforms. After verification, a statement was issued debunking the contents of the letter.

"This letter has been issued mischievously without proper authorisation of superiors by the clerk addressed to all Police Commissioners and Superintendents of Police of the Districts of Karnataka State. However no such instructions have been issued to remove the sound systems from the mosques as is being interpreted in the social media," Karnataka state police said.

The statement further said that people are not to pay any heed to such rumours or misleading interpretations. Further inquiry into the matter is currently underway.

Based on the official statement, IBTimes has arrived at the conclusion that no order has been issued for the removal of sound systems from mosques in Karnataka.

Claim reviewed :

Fact-check: Letter to remove sound system from mosques in K’taka is fake

Fact Check :