In the backdrop of Pakistan witnessing massive rallies and protests led by the opposition against Prime Minister Imran Khan, an image has emerged on social media leaving people of both countries astonished.

The image reveals that amid a massive Karachi rally an Indian flag is being waved against the Imran Khan-led government. But the claims of the tricolour being waved at the rally is false. Scroll down to find out the truth behind the image. 

Pakistan rally

The Claim

On Wednesday, October 21, an image from the Karachi rally surfaced social media leaving people puzzled as to why was an Indian tricolour being waved at a Pakistan protest? Several Twitter profiles shared similar images. 

The Truth:

International Business Times, India ran the image through Google image reverse it was found that the picture was from the Karachi protest rally which took place on Sunday, October 18. The image did show tricolour flags being waved amongst thousand other flags but this was not the Indian tricolour flag.

Original image:

Original image. Pakistan Newsweek
Original image of Karachi rally: Courtesy: Pakistan Newsweek

A close look at the image shows that the image has been morphed as the flag is that of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek commonly known as PAT which is founded by renowned Islamic scholar Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. The Wikipedia page of the party also reveals the official PTA flag that resembles the Indian tri-colour 

Here is the real image of one of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek flag 

Awami Rally

The Karachi protest rally 

The flag emerged during the protest rally of an alliance of 11 major opposition parties called the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) who have accused Khan of rigging elections and coming to power with the support of the Pakistani Army.

According to the Pakistan Newsweek reports, "Tens of thousands gathered at the Bagh-e-Jinnah in the shadow of Quaid's mausoleum, with opposition leaders rubbishing threats and warnings from government ministers, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, to cease the movement or risk legal action."

Claim reviewed :

Fact-check: No, Indian tricolour was not waved during PAK's Karachi rally against Imran Khan govt

Fact Check :