Within minutes after he was suspended on the allegation of sexual harassment, an Associate Professor at the Jammu University allegedly died by hanging himself from a ceiling on the campus.

Identified as Chandra Shekhar, a native of Meerut of Uttar Pradesh, the deceased was an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, Jammu University. He allegedly died by suicide in his room in the department.

Reports said that in the afternoon when the room of the deceased was found locked from inside the Department, the University authorities swung into action and called senior officers of the security department.

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When the door of the room of Chander Shekhar was broken in the presence of the Chief Security Officer of the Jammu University his body was found hanging from the fan.

The University authorities immediately informed the police. A police party reached the department and took the body in their possession and sent it to the mortuary of Government Medical College Hospital Bakshi Nagar for post-mortem.

The 45-year-old Associate Professor, Chandra Shekhar was a resident of Meerut and was working at Jammu University for many years. Chandra Shekhar lived with his wife and daughter in the Old University Campus located on Canal Road.

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Suspended after some students complained of sexual harassment against deceased

Dean Students Welfare of Jammu University Prof. Prakash Anthal informed that some girl students of the Department had lodged a complaint of sexual harassment against Chandra Shekhar.

"The complaint was lodged on September 1 and the girl students also produced some videos as proof. Due to this complaint, the internal committee of the University started a departmental inquiry against Chandra Shekhar and today he was placed under suspension till completion of the inquiry", he said.

The complaint of sexual harassment was forwarded to the Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) of Jammu University. According to reports, after getting the suspension order, Chandra Shekhar came to his room and took this extreme step.

Deceased wrote a line on the blackboard

Associate Professor Chandra Shekhar wrote a line on the blackboard of his room where he hanged himself from the ceiling fan,

"Sab Sach Hai Kyu Ke Kahan Joothi Hai", he wrote on the board. Below this line, he signed and wrote today's date but instead of 2022, he wrote 2021. Sources in the police said that the deceased professor has tried to tell from this line that the allegations against him are false and he has been implicated.