Have you ever cursed Facebook for making it difficult to add photos in your comments? Starting today, Facebook is rolling out a new feature of a camera button in your comment box which allows you to add images to comments.

"Now, you'll be able to attach a photo directly when posting a comment. I hope this will make threads with friends more expressive and engaging," Facebook Engineer Bob Baldwin said on his FB timeline hours ago. Since then there have been more than 600 likes for the advance feature.

"When I'm talking with a friend, sometimes showing a photo helps me tell a story much better than words alone. If we're hanging out in person, I can show a photo from my phone, but on Facebook I'd have to post a link to a photo," Baldwin said in a post.

He asked his friends to try the latest feature on the social networking site and post a reaction photo to the feature. Most replied with photos congratulating him, including hi-five and thumbs up sketches from his friends.

As of now, only one photo per comment is allowed along with typed words.

Last week, Facebook announced clickable hashtags for its users. It had promised to 'continue to roll out more features in the coming weeks and months that help people discover more of the world's conversations'. and seems to have kept its promise. Earlier, it also changed a feature name from 'Subscribe' to 'Follow'.