Facebook Rolls Out Autofill Mobile Payment Application for Some UsersReuters

Facebook has rolled out "Autofill With Facebook" feature in partnership with PayPal, Stripe and Braintree to put an end to all typing required while filling in billing details.

The social media giant tested this application for almost a month and the firm has also been in rumors for placing the app in a beta zone with PayPal to make the payment process much easier for all the buyers. The feature firstly appeared to the users of JackThreads and Mosaic's iOS applications during the testing period itself.

While the firm is in partnership with all the payment provider firms at present, it has been predicted that Facebook will soon take over more of the payments flow by processing the payments on its own, reported Tech Crunch.

However, at present if a customer uses Braintee, Autofill With Facebook layers on top of it and Braintee still earns the processing fee.

The users who have the financial information saved on the social networking site will be able to see it later whenever they log in and would not require to type in the details again. Along with this some of the mobile social network site users will also be able to view the mobile payment option on their devices.

The usage of this feature depends on the Facebook users and those who do not wish to use the Autofill option, can always omit it. This option will be listed under payment options as "Check out faster with Facebook," reported Slash Gear.

If the user selects the Autofill option then the application will automatically fill all the details making the payment process faster.