Facebook Buys Bangalore Based Start-Up Little Eye Labs
Facebook Buys Bangalore Based Start-Up Little Eye LabsREUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Social networking giant Facebook in its bid to enhance user experience has introduced a couple of changes to the website.

As a first step, the company has replaced the incumbent 'Hide All' button with the 'Unfollow', giving one billion plus users the option to completely block messages and updates from their Facebook peers, whom they no longer want to be associated with.

Earlier, the 'Hide All' option simply hid the updates of their friends without the offending them, but with the new Unfollow button, users can sever ties with their annoying Facebook peers, without notifying them, reported Reuters.

The company also revealed that Facebook's News Feed algorithm has been altered to deliver high-quality articles (news, celebrity gossips, or friend's status) to users.

"The goal of News Feed is to show the right content to the right people at the right time whether it's from a close friend or a news source halfway across the world. In the last year, more people found news on Facebook than ever before", said Varun Kacholia, Facebook spoke person.

To complement people's interest, Facebook will also accommodate related articles (maximum three) and a comment section below the current news feed, giving the reader an idea of how popular the story is. The changes are more likely to be noticed when users are browsing through their smartphones, said the company spokeperson.

Ever since its inception in 2004, Facebook has evolved and brought about new features to improve user experience. In June, the company took a leaf out of Twitter to introduce 'hash-tag', giving users the power to boost their popularity among their friends circle. Considering its history, one can expect Facebook to introduce more changes to its interface in the near future.