Advertisers Should Only Pay For Ads That Are Actually Seen By Users: Facebook
Facebook is of the opinion that advertisers should only pay of ads that are actually viewed by internet users.Reuters

In a new blog post, Facebook authorities said advertisers should only pay for those ads that are actually viewed by internet users.

An advertisement is worth a dime when it is viewed by potential consumers. Keeping this in mind, Facebook says advertisers should not pay for ads that are not being viewed at all.

Currently, payment for ads are done on an "ad served" basis, but the social networking giant is looking to change that. In a new blog, Facebook officials highlighted that advertisers should focus on viewed impressions, not served impressions. What's impressive is that Facebook already follows the format.

"We measure an ad impression the moment an ad enters the screen of a desktop browser or mobile app," the company writes in a blog post. "If an ad doesn't enter the screen, we don't count it as an ad impression."

Facebook advertising works in two different platforms. First, the ads that appear on the social networking site; and the other is a broader platform which includes its Audience Network and the re-launched Atlas that basically bring Facebook ads and ad tech to other websites and mobile apps.

Brad Smallwood, Facebook's Vice-President of measurement and insights, told Tech Crunch when the company talks about ad management, it refers to the ads on Facebook and Instagram.

As the viewed impression strategy is not new for Facebook, Smallwood said that by highlighting this factor, the company hopes to "push the industry towards this concept of viewed impressions instead of served impressions." It will also emphasize how rewarding advertising on Facebook can get as you pay only for viewed ads.

Strategically, Facebook has an upper hand in this. Since most of its ads appear in news feeds, users are bound to scroll to the bottom of the screen and hence, nearly all the ads get viewed. According to the company, even if a user doesn't click on the ad, he sees it and is aware of what the advertiser has to offer. Thus, serving the purpose of advertising.

The post also highlighted that Facebook is working with other brands on its advertising front, including Media Rating Council (the group that establishes the standards around ad measurement), The Wendy's Company, and ad agency Zenith Optimedia.